From humble beginnings Andrew Davey lived a very typical life in a middle income family in his hometown of Perth Western Australia. Struggling with grades and disinterested in his schooling, he pursued a career as a motorcycle mechanic. While earning his income and always being a very good saver he sensed there was something greater than simply working hard to survive and sensed there must be another way. Another way that had yet to have been taught in the conventional methods of education in the form of life skills

What We didn't learn at school that now needs to be taught. Preparing our youth to succeed in the 21st Century.

Dear Parents

Firstly thank you so much for honouring your child in searching for ways to help them not only survive but THRIVE in their future. You see, most parents take on the overwhelming responsibility of worry that their child may not succeed and fear for the worst. I personally feel that every child, when given the right tools for success has every opportunity to make the most of their life and become someone of substance and value to make a difference. Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself and get to know a little more about you also. My name is Andrew Davey. Originally from Australia I now reside in beautiful Singapore alongside my beautiful wife, 16 year old son and our two beloved Chocolate Labradors.

My mission since 2009 has been to empower youth to be all they believe they can be and more. In today’s fast paced world that age old advice of study hard, get good grades, get a good job, save your money, buy a house, start a family, live a happy life has been made redundant. Why do I say that? Through technology and the world advancing so quickly it is my belief that REAL LIFE education is the component that lacks for our youth today. That may have been true and good advice in the past but now, robot’s replace jobs where some careers will be obsolete in the future entirely. More and more adults that I coach and mentor have found themselves made redundant at 40, 50 years of age, simply replaced by someone cheaper, faster and smarter than they are.

Preparing our youth to succeed in the 21st Century.

What We didn't learn at school that now needs to be taught. Preparing our youth to succeed in the 21st Century. In order for our youth to step into their right of passage and become who they were born to be, it is our responsibility as adults to show them unbiased tools they can apply with their own creativity to thrive in their future. (Quote: School teaches a lesson then gives you a test. One of the core subjects that lacks in our current education system is Financial literacy. Economics teaches the past yet nothing exists to show our youth how to save money, make money, pay bills, appreciate the vale of money and the good it can do in the world. Nothing existed until I felt an over whelming desire and responsibility to bring this level of Real Life education to our youth. Partnering with leading educational companies who share a similar vision of empowering our children with all they need to succeed in the 21st Century to teach them financial skills and abundance through experiential learning and play.

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